Visits by Dr Max Parkin

On 27–29th January Dr Parkin visited the Namibia National Cancer Registry (NNCR) to advise on cancer registration methodology and to discuss potential collaborations between the Network and the Registry. A Report has been prepared and shared with related professionals. The registry has accepted an invitation to become the 26 member of the Network.

On 19-21st February Dr Parkin, Prof Henry Wabinga (Director of Kampala Cancer Registry) and Sarah Nambooze visited the Gulu Hospital in Uganda following discussions with Dr Martin Ogwang and Dr Ian Magrath (INCTR) to review  the requirements for a population based registry serving the population of Gulu. A Report has been prepared and shared with personnel who concerned. Actions have been seen locally. A two-way training, between Gulu and Kampala cancer registries, has been arranged for Francis Okongo (registrar).

On 2–3rd April, Dr Parkin visited Dr Freddie Bray (IARC), Lyon, France, to discuss the programme and plans for the African Hub under the scheme of GICR.

The 2nd AFCRN Annual Review Meeting was hosted by the Zimbabwean National Cancer Registry, from 21st - 24th January 2014, in the Kingdom Hotel, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Dr. Manangazira Portia formally opened the Meeting. This was on behalf of Dr. Gerald Gwinji Secretary for Health and Child Care. Followed by welcome notes from Dr. Margaret Borok Director of Zimbabwe National Cancer Registry and an overview of the Network from Dr. Max Parkin. The report on activities of the AFCRN in 2013 is available from attachments below.

The meeting was attended by the directors/heads or representatives of 22 cancer registry members of AFCRN, consultants and other key partners. Apologies were received from the directors of the Botswana National Cancer Registry and the Niger Cancer Registry. Fifteen Sub-Saharan African countries (Inc. French, Portuguese, and English speaking) were presented.

The purpose of the meeting was to review the Annual Report on the Network’s activities and achievements in 2013, to provide an update on the ongoing work in member registries, to review and discuss the ongoing research projects, and to plan future joint activities in training, advocacy and research in 2014. The Agenda of the meeting is available from attachments below. The meeting format allowed for discussions and constant interaction between members and participants. The minute of this ARM will be available soon.

The Advisory Committee of the Network (representing IACR, IARC and UICC) met on the third day (23rd Jan), to consider the results of the ARM and advise the secretariat accordingly. Apologies from Dr. Jean-Marie Dangou from WHO. A separate minute of this meeting has been prepared.